7 Recipes that is easy to the Most of one’s Christmas Leftovers

The holidays bring family gatherings, cherished memories and massive quantities of meals. Everyone has a dish that is favorite await throughout the year. Following the 3rd or 4th assisting, nonetheless, they truly are a lot more than happy to wait till the following year before they consume it once more. Whenever you’ve got a large amount of some of your favorite meals, you may either freeze the xmas leftovers or make use of them as components in other recipes. a few include:

Easy Dishes from Christmas Leftovers

Candy Cane Kisses – Melt three several types of chocolate in three separate bowls (2 3-ounce pubs of semisweet chocolate, 1 3-ounce club milk chocolate and 1 bar that is 3-ounce chocolate) Drop a tablespoon high in semi-sweet chocolate on wax paper, top by having a spoonful of the milk chocolate then the chocolate that is white. Sprinkle with crushed candy canes.

Ham and Polenta Casserole – This is not difficult which will make and filled with taste. Ingredients may be practically tossed together and baked within a couple of moments, building a hearty dinner on a winter day that is warm.

Chicken Tomato WrapsChicken Tomato Wraps – Mix the ingredients and set out tortilla wraps. Then include chips and let everyone else make their particular dish. Easy to produce and is useful for a lunch that is quick or you have been in a rush.

Ham and Swiss Quiche – Colorful, tasty and ready for eating in not as much as an hour. Produces an excellent brunch or carry in meal.

Cranberry Meatballs – You can make use of either freshly made or frozen meatballs with this recipe. Mix together the cranberry sauce as well as other components, add the prepared meatballs and provide with toothpicks. Perfect for treats or tailgate parties.

loan places in my area Wild Rice Chowder with Ham – in the event that you have actually a sufficient quantity of leftover ham, this dish can be served and made as soup when it comes to dudes if they gather for New Year’s to look at soccer.

Potato Pancakes – Mix flour and tiny amount of cornstarch into mashed potatoes until soft dough is created. Spot big spoonful in hot skillet with moderate quantity of cooking oil or butter. Cook and act as you’d regular pancakes.