The month of January 2005 proved to be important to civil aviation in China in general and China Southern particularly. Airlines are constantly experimenting and testing with dressing table systems in an effort to reduce passenger frustration and gate crowding. In preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China Southern and also the Chinese authorities placed several landmark w [41] [42] On precisely the same day, China Southern, along with five other domestic carriers, placed a bulk southwest airlines reservations order for 60 Boeing 7E7s (later renamed the Boeing 787 Dreamliner). Southwest Airlines recently decreased the amount of boarding lanes on its flights. The aircraft had been worth $7.2 billion at list prices, and the first instance was expected to be delivered in time for the Olympics; [43] but the first aircraft >[44] "Every customer appreciates consistency and a feeling of knowing what to expect when they’re traveling," Tim Mapes, Southwest’s Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, said in a news release announcing the changes Tuesday. "we’ve been listening to our customers about the strain they often feel at the gate prior to boarding, and implementing small changes for years. " Before during the month, the CAAC had accepted the temporary operations of charter flights between mainland China and Taiwan. Southwest says its changes will begin Jan.

23 on Southwest flights across the world. On precisely the same day as the w / >[45] [46] Within three decades, in July 2008, a China Southern Airlines Airbus A330 carrying 230 vacationers [47] again landed in Taipei. [48] The governments of China and Taiwan had agreed to allow direct flights across the Taiwan Strait in June, finishing six decades of limited air travel between the two s [47] [48] Flying at Southwest’s cushiest cottage, the expensive Southwest One suites on select international and airline flights? You’ll board (after pre-boarders), from the brand new Southwest One boarding group rather than being lumped in with first course and Southwest premium pick passengers at from the current "premium” boarding zone. After two decades of negotiations which had started in August 2004, China Southern in late June 2006 signed an agreement with SkyTeam, one of the 3 global airline alliances, formally pledging itself to the improvement of criteria with the aim of its eventual linking.

First class or superior pick passengers, depending upon the aircraft, is going to be another group, known as the first class or superior pick boarding group. According to the agreement, the airline dedicated to the update of tackling facilities, services and training of at least 75% of its employees to SkyTeam’s criteria. [49] [50] On 15 November 2007, China Southern formally linked SkyTeam, getting the eleventh provider to join the group and also the first mainland Chinese carrier to join an airline cooperation. Next up: walkers who pay additional for or are upgraded to Southwest’s Comfort Plus chairs, which are at the front of the main cottage and extend more leg room, complimentary drinks and dedicated overhead bin space. The welcoming ceremony was attended by high-ranking Chinese authorities and SkyTeam company officials and was held in the Great Hall of the People. [51] The carrier’s integration with the alliance continued with its entry into SkyTeam Cargo at November 2010, [52] and its own joint-venture carrier Xiamen Airlines’ formal linking in November 2012. They obtain their own brand new boarding group, leaping ahead of particular Southwest frequent flyers at the dressing table pecking order, a move that’s sure to rile some travelers. With China Eastern’s ascension at June 2011, SkyTeam furthered its leading presence on the mainland Chinese market; the remaining Big Three Business, Air China, is now a member of Star Alliance. At present, Southwest Comfort Plus passengers are lumped in with certain levels of regular flyers in a extensive "Sky Priority” group.

It followed up with the following Airbus arrangement on 7 July 2006, when it affirmed that a deal covering the purchase of 50 more A320 thin bodies for delivery from 2009. [55] The purchase included 13 A319-100s, 20 A320-200s and 17 A321-200s, reportedly worth $3.3 billion at list price. [56] In December 2005, China Southern Airlines along with CASGC, declared an arrangement with Boeing for 9 Boeing 737-700s and 11 Boeing 737-800s. Southwest says its own gate representatives recommended the inclusion of the Comfort Plus boarding group to reduce gate crowding. In June 2006, China Southern Airlines affirmed an additional sequence of 3 Boeing 737-700s and seven Boeing 737-800s.

The airline tested it in Atlanta for two weeks and said travellers found it simpler to board using their "branded fare" group. The deliveries would continue through 2010. The Sky Priority boarding group, made up of travelers with gold or platinum medallion standing in Southwest’s Sky Miles program, will follow Comfort Plus passengers on board. (Southwest’s top tier frequent flyers, Diamond Medallion members, board with Southwest One or First Class, depending upon the aircraft, under the new system.)