1. MANAA Condemns Sony Pictures And Cameron Crowe For Continuing To Erase Asian/Pacific Islanders In “Aloha” Film
  2. MANAA Asserts Offensive Use of Yellowface Make-Up and Exclusion of Asian Actors In The Film “Cloud Atlas”
  3. MANAA Praises DirecTV for Reprimanding Former Howard Stern Disc Jockey For Soliciting Racist Jokes Inspired by Jeremy Lin
  4. MANAA Praises ESPN for Firing Over “Chink” Headline; Pushes for Better Oversight
  5. MANAA Condemns Asian-Bashing in “The Goods” as Harmful, Not Funny
  6. Asian American Media Watchdog Group Praises Disney/Pixar’s “Up” for Creating Asian American Protagonist
  7. Controversy Still Surrounds DVD Release of Movie “21”
  8. Norm Macdonald apologizes for Saying Racial Slur on “The Adam Carolla Show”
  9. MANAA Blasts Comedian Norm MacDonald for Racial Slur on “The Adam Carolla Show”
  10. MANAA Blasts Rob Schneider For Offensive Racial Caricature in “Chuck & Larry” Movie
  11. MANAA Blasts White-Washed Casting OF Kevin Spacey’s “Based on a True Story” New Film “21”

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  1. I wonder if you also look at newspaper articles? Just today yet another editorial was published in the NYTimes perpetuating the “model minority” myth. I hope you criticize this stuff as well.

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