MANAA’s Next General Meeting is Thursday, March. 20th. The monthly general meeting starts at 7:30 PM, in the upstairs meeting room of the Chinatown Public Safety Association. We welcome your input and thoughts on pressing issues regarding the portrayal of Asian Americans in print, radio, television and movies. We have several current events and issues to discuss at this month’s meeting, including: – Upcoming release of the movie, “21” – MANAA’s response to Norm McDonald on the Adam Carolla radio show – Dennis Prager radio show comments about the Japanese American internment – 2008 MANAA film student scholarship – Results from the coalition meeting with NBC – Feedback from APEX Mixer on Feb. 28th – “Chinese Laundry” restaurant ads View MANAA’s press release re: Norm McDonald incident Visit the blog at to see MANAA’s response to what comedian Norm McDonald said while he was a guest on the Adam Carolla radio show.