Please join our discussion on how to improve media depictions of Asian Americans as we near our 20th anniversary. Agenda items include:

  • Syndicated DJs on probation after MANAA complains about their “call in with your most racist Asian jokes” stunt “inspired” by Jeremy Lin
  • MANAA on NBC4 & Kababayan L.A. talking about stereotypes and Jeremy Lin.
  • Heejun Han & Jessica Sanchez, popular contestants on “American Idol”
  • Television shows & movies featuring Asian Americans like Lucy Liu in upcoming Sherlock Holmes, 2 Broke Girls, Celebrity Apprentice with George Takei, and Glee

If you are interested in participating in MANAA but cannot make the monthly meeting, please contact us at and indicate your interest in participating in writing letters, reviewing movies, monitoring TV shows, or other kinds of activities.