Dear Mr. Letterman,

Because this is a matter the Asian American community feels strongly about fixing, the Korean American Coalition, the Organization of Chinese American, and the Median Action Netowrk for Asian Americans come to you as a united front.

We are disappointed and upset at your highly racist and insensitive remark you made on February 5, when you taunt your guest, —-, by saying “here kitty kitty”.  This racist stereotype have been haunting our people for generations, helping other people to visualize us as less American and less human.  The —- , as well as many other Asian owned restaurants, is a well loved establishment that serves the finest quality of ingredient and have satisfied the hunger of many people of different walks of life.  But your comment implies that Asian restaurants are owned and operated by foreign savages that can not be trusted.  Your comedy is enjoyed by all people of different walks of life, but you comedy is usually smart, original, and most of all classy.  This time, your joke was no better that a childhood taunt that has been echoed in schoolyard, and it’s not worth repeating especially someone as influential as you – it has to stop.

We need to meet on this matter as soon as possible.  We would like to clarify why we feel this matter is important to us and to discuss what steps you could take to help rectify this matter.  Thank you for your time as we hope you hear from you real soon.