Adam Carolla Takes It All Back in Last Show


We thought that MANAA’s Guy Aoki and Adam Carolla had reached a gentleman’s agreement of sorts, after their clash over Carolla’s use of “ching-chong” to mock the Asian Excellence Awards in 2006. That was a battle that Carolla decidedly lost (both by his own admission and apology, and by his advertisers, seven of whom pulled out of his show). But when Rosie O’Donnell came under attack for her “ching-chong” comments, Carolla brought Aoki back on the show to make sure he was after her as well, and it appeared that the two had made amends. Carolla told Aoki, “I like this, I feel like this is like Terminator 2, I came back down and now I’m on your side…Keep up the good fight my brother, I feel like we’ve won an ally now.” Then he tried to get Aoki to go after Mazda for not representing any Asians in their commercial.

Fast forward to last month, when Carolla’s show was cancelled. In his second-to-last show on Feb. 19, he was in the middle of talking to a caller who was sad to see Carolla go, and suddenly he started talking about how he was so glad that he didn’t have to keep an eye on “swearing or a-holes like Guy Aoki. Racist a-holes, by the way, like Guy Aoki, who’re gonna climb up my ass if I say anything about all the Asian people that he, evidentally, represents. That’s every single Asian person on the entire planet. I will no longer have to worry about a-holes like that or guys like Jack Silver that are paranoid about extortionist racist a-holes like Guy Aoki.” Jack Silver was Carolla’s program director at the station Carolla broadcasted from, 97.1 FM.

Apparently he’s not over the situation after all. Disappointing indeed.