Please join us in discussing how to improve media depictions of Asian Americans. Agenda items include:

  • Report on the APA Media Coalition’s annual diversity meeting with CBS, plus our upcoming ones with ABC, NBC, and Fox (if you have concerns about their programs, be sure to tell us!)
  • Report from our pre-screening of Warner Brothers’ upcoming film Cloud Atlas featuring yellowface, whiteface, and blackface!
  • East West Players’ upcoming panel discussion about how to increase the inclusion of Asian Americans in stage productions
  • Upcoming remake of Red Dawn with North Korea invading Washington state.
  • Current TV shows featuring Asian American characters

If you are interested in participating in MANAA but cannot make the monthly meeting, please contact us at and indicate your interest in participating in writing letters, reviewing movies, monitoring TV shows, or other kinds of activities. MANAA’s monthly general meeting is on the second floor meeting room of the Chinatown Public Safety Association @823 N. Hill Street. It’s your chance to share your input and thoughts on pressing issues regarding the portrayal of Asian Americans in print, radio, television and movies.