February 10, 2004

I would like to thank you for your correspondence sent to our offices regarding your dissatisfaction with the film “National Lampoon Presents Mr. Wong”.

Maverick is a video distributor. We traditionally distribute other people’s films and niche products that they produced independently from us. These producers need a distribution network to allow their film to be seen within the United States, as is the case with Mr. Wong.

Mr. Wong is the creation of the writing team of Pam Brady and Kyle McCulloch, Mr. Wong was a breakout hit on Icebox.Com, the Company and its content creators capitalize both on the inherent “freedom of the medium.” Icebox is a groundbreaking new media company that has partnered with many of the best television and feature film writers to create new entertainment properties for distribution in a variety of media channels. National Lampoon produces entertainment in all media, including film, TV, radio, publishing, audio CD’s and Internet. They found interest in Mr. Wong and created this DVD of the original 14 episodes and needed quality video distribution.

Being a distributor, we realize the importance of releasing a film appealing to a wide audience. This is what happened with “National Lampoon Presents Mr. Wong”. We feel very strongly that we distributed a popular film with a huge fan base that wanted to see more. Although we understand your disappointment in our decision, we also understand that films are subjective and therefore we distribute many films for many different types of people. We understand that going to a movie theatre, watching a movie on cable, renting a video from a video outlet, are all gambles since entertainment is in the eye of the beholder.

In closing, I would like to thank you for bringing your dissatisfaction to my attention and for your inconvenience I would like to include another film that we are currently selling that perhaps you may enjoy a bit more, compliments of Maverick Entertainment. If you are interested in receiving this film, please reply to this email with your mailing address. Thanks again for the effort you made in contacting our offices.

Doug Schwab
Maverick Entertainment